Amsterdam Port Consultants

Amsterdam Port Consultants (APC)


Amsterdam Port Consultants (APC) was established in 1980 by Port of Amsterdam. APC is a non-profit organization, which aims at passing on the knowledge of port management, logistics and distribution, and building up strong relations with other port organizations all over the world.

APC is a fully independent body consisting of Port of Amsterdam and sector-specific private partners, all having their roots firmly in the port of Amsterdam. This combination has enabled APC to develop into a very practical organization with easy access to expertise and know-how from ports and industrial institutions.

This group of experts offers every type of assistance in all aspects of designing, constructing and operating sea and inland ports, such as: feasibility studies, master planning, port engineering, cargo handling operations, port management, institutional building, training and management development and privatization.

APC can also arrange back up, as required, from any other organization in the port as well as from government sources and technical laboratories.

APC runs projects all around the world. Examples are China, Eritrea, Gaza, India, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Netherlands Antilles, Russian Federation, South Africa, Surinam, Turkey and Zimbabwe.

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