Ellicott Dredges





Since 1885, Ellicott, the oldest and largest manufacturer of dredges in the United States, has been the world's leading producer of cutter suction dredges due to its high standards of quality and innovation. 

Ellicott has designed and manufactured over 1250 dredges, more than any other manufacturer and has served customers in over 75 countries. It is the only dredge builder which designs and builds all key components of the dredging system. This concept of single responsibility lies behind Ellicott's reputation for reliable and durable dredging systems. Consequently, many Ellicott dredges are still going strong after 50 years of steady service. Ellicott has been exporting dredges and dredging equipment to Egypt for over 30 years and exclusively to Sadco Engineering Works for over 25 years. Every dredge used and operated by The Arab Contractors is an Ellicott dredge. Some are over 25 years old and still operating today. 

The Suez Canal Authority and Canal Harbor Works both own and operate Ellicott dredges for harbor projects and maintenance of the Suez Canal. The General Egyptian Workshops Company (TERSANA) has purchased a new design Ellicott dredge, the Series 670 DRAGON, which is a very portable and powerful 14 inch dredge. The dredge will be utilized on the River Nile project. The private sector in Egypt is also an Ellicott customer. A new dredging company in the private sector, United Dredging Company, has just purchased new Ellicott dredges.

In an effort to support their customers in Egypt, Ellicott and Sadco maintain a spare parts inventory at the Port Said free zone with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of parts. This investment has allowed our customers immediate access to spare parts. The end result is minimum downtime for Ellicott equipment and maximum benefit for the customers operating in Egypt. Ellicott has an agreement to build dredges in Egypt in cooperation with Arab Contractors Shipyards and Sadco Engineering Works for the MENA region markets. Ellicott has been a member of the U.S - Egypt President's Council, which was an important component of the USA-Egypt Partnership for Economic Growth and Development.

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