Liquid Waste Technology (LWT)


Liquid Waste Technology  (LWT) has pioneered the development of fully automated dredging systems (radio remote controlled) for the most efficient and safe cleanup of sludge lagoons. These systems are state-of-the-art, and LWT has many successful installations so that reliable operations are the norm.

LWT utilizes a monitoring screen (R) showing automated dredging features with mouse controls to click on image to see enlargement. 

The objectives for most automated dredging systems include:

  • Less human labor input, so costs less to opera
  •  Safer because less human exposure and fewer compliance issues;
  • Steady solids output so more efficient sludge processing;
  • Reduced polymer use, so significant saving (hard cost reductions in polymer use alone has frequently yielded one year payback or less on investment required);
  •  Optimal sludge percentages reduce tank truck transport costs (minimize water weight);
  •  Better record keeping capabilities.

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