Weldship Corporation


Weldship was founded in 1946 by John Evans, Jr., to fabricate welded barges used by Hudson River refineries to transport petroleum products. Demand for barges decreased as shipbuilding grew, and Weldship diversified into the industrial gas industry. In 1971, Weldship acquired tube trailer maintenance facilities and began fabricating and servicing trailers as well as building and leasing its own fleet. By the 1980s, Weldship had expanded its capabilities and customer base, leasing equipment and providing services to the leaders of the industrial and specialty gas and specialty chemical markets as well as their distributors.

Weldship is  building a network of service operations to satisfy the industrial and specialty gas and chemical industries as well as its own fleet requirements. Weldship  produces the highest quality, safest products and services with competitive pricing and aggressive delivery schedules, in addition  to increasing the level of expertise and upgrade the testing capabilities on an ongoing basis.


Weldship Cooperates With Sadco throughout the Middle East region to serve all customers’ needs, and continue to improve the material & human resources to be the industry’s premier supplier


Visit this site :  www.weldship.com